11 Amulets

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Object Name: 
11 Amulets
Place Made: 
Accession Number: 
(a) L: 2.9 cm; (b) L: 2.9 cm; (c) L: 5.1 cm; (d) L: 4.3 cm; (e) L: 4.2 cm; (f) L: 3.1 cm; (g) L: 4 cm; (h) L: 4.2 cm; (i) L: 5.9 cm; (j) L: 2.1 cm; (k) L: 3.5 cm
Not on Display
Credit Line: 
Gift of Anthony G. Real
Primary Description: 
(a-e) Translucent dark green, (f-g) translucent amethyst, (h,i,k) translucent turquoise, (j) transparent pale brown glass; stamped. Flat, bar-like objects; no two objects are the same. All, however, have similar anthropomorphic ornament in relief on the upper surface. On the majority, the figure has a large flat head, long neck and rectangular body. The limbs (usually arms, only) are stick-like with splayed fingers and toes. There are exceptions: (b) has three disembodied heads; (c) carries a child; (g) has two heads, one at each end, but no recognizable body; (h) simply has a head with an elaborate "collar"; (k) has a figure on both surfaces. Otherwise, the backs of the objects are plain.
Real, Anthony G., Source