2 Decanters

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Object Name: 
2 Decanters
Place Made: 
Accession Number: 
(Aab) H: 34.1 cm; (Aa) H: 26 cm, D(max): 11 cm; (Ab) H: 11.1 cm; (Bab) H: 33.2 cm; (Ba) H: 25.8 cm, D: 11 cm; (Bb) H: 11
Not on Display
about 1953-1954
Primary Description: 
Colorless glass; (Aa,Ba) probably blown, possibly pressed, cut, and polished; (Ab,Bb) pressed, cut, and polished. (Aa,Ba) Decanter: slender, pear-shaped. Rim everted, with outer side of lip rounded. Neck cylindrical, splaying toward bottom and merging with wall; base plain, slightly concave, with low foot ring finished by polishing; no pontil mark. Decoration made by cutting and polishing: on neck, band of ten contiguous vertical facets, with rounded ends and tops narrower than bottoms; at bottom of wall, similar band of facets which are short, with rounded ends and tops wider than bottoms. (Ab,Bb) Stopper: solid, with tall biconical knp, short cylindrical stem and tapering bottom; upper and lower parts of knop cut in six contiguous vertical facets, with upper facets curved in vertical profile and splaying slightly at bottom and lower facets rounded at bottom; at junction of each pair of upper and lower facets, small four-sided facet; lower edge of bottom beveled.
Imperial Glass Corporation, Source
Contemporary American Glass, No. 1
touring Canada