6 Composite Eye Beads

Object Name: 
6 Composite Eye Beads

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Object Name: 
6 Composite Eye Beads
Accession Number: 
(I) D: 1.9 cm; (II) D: 2.1 cm; (III) D: 1.2 cm; (IV) D: 1.6 cm; (V) D: 1.2 cm; (VI) D: 1.1 cm
Not on Display
600-250 BC
Primary Description: 
Translucent deep blue, translucent green, translucent greenish-grey, translucent blue-green, turquoise, opaque white, and opaque yellow glass, various lightly weathered surfaces; core-formed, trail-decorated and tooled. (I) Large barrel-shaped almost spherical bead, blue matrix with three large composite eyes, the center yellow-brown in a ground of white, green and yellow respectively. (II) Irregular short barrel-shaped bead, yellow glass with four sets of double composite eyes, blue centers on an alternating blue and white ground; granular reddish-buff core material evident on interior. (III) Short barrel-shaped bead of greenish-grey matrix with composite eyes arranged in two registers at either end, four on one, three on the other, the central dot in blue on a white ground alternating with bands of yellow-brown and white, all have been marvered into the surface and the ends flattened. (IV) Short barrel-shaped bead of greenish-blue glass, four sets of double eyes arranged like figure-eights, the eyes with blue centers on an alternating white and blue ground, all are marvered into the surface. (V) Short barrel-shaped eye bead, yellow-brown glass appearing black with three sets of double eyes arranged in figure-eight pattern, a single eye taking up the space on one side, the eyes consist of a yellow-brown dot in an alternating white and yellow-brown ground. (VI) Short barrel-shaped bead, yellow-brown glass with three simple eyes of turquoise in a yellow ground.