6 Seals

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6 Seals
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699 BC-699 AD
Primary Description: 
(A) Transparent or translucent blue; (B) transparent green; (C) transparent or translucent deep blue; (D) transparent yellowish brown; (E) transparent or translucent deep blue; (F) transparent pale green; cast, drilled, engraved, and polished. (A) Stamp seal, scaraboid. Impression: nude male with bearded head in right profile, standing, with objects in left and right hands (vessel in right [?] and sickle in left [?], within beaded oval border. (B) Stamp seal, conical. Impression: large bird, probably eagle, shown frontally, displaying wings, with head turned to left, within circular border. (C) Stamp seal, conical. Impression: male figure, standing, wearing cap and long robe, dominating two rampant lions, one on each side, with their heads turned away; above, drooping winged disk. (D) Stamp seal, conical. Impression: bust of bearded male shown in right profile, within circle. (E) Stamp seal, scaraboid. Impression: galloping horse draws chariot to left. Two figures in chariot: driver holding reins and hunter who turns back to face rampant animal, perhaps lion. (F) Stamp seal, pyramidal. Engraved surface illegible because of extensive pitting. Handle consists of one piece of metal bent into shape resembling stirrup, with single piece of wire wound spirally around lower half.