8-part Tea Maker

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Object Name: 
8-part Tea Maker
Accession Number: 
(a-d) H: 23.8 cm; H: (a-d) 17.2 cm, (e-h) 8 cm; (a) D: 16.6 cm; (e) D: 18.4 cm
Not on Display
Credit Line: 
Gift of Hessische Metallwerke Gbr. Seibel GmbH and Co. KG
Primary Description: 
Glass: colorless; metal: silver; plastic: black; enamel: white; wax: semi-opaque white; fiber: off-white; glass: probably pressed; metal: machined, assembled by hand; plastic and enamel, probably applied mechanically. Tea-maker: multipart metal stand, with glass container above candle, parts (a-d) making upper part of ensemble and parts (e-h) making lower part. Upper part: (a) glass container with deep, almost hemispherical body; rim bent outward and upward, with rounded lip and projecting pouring lip; wall descends and curves in to rounded base; mark printed in white on wall "mono/ heat-/ resistant/ hitzebeständig/ rsistant/ au feu"; (b) cover for container; plain enameled disk with U-shaped indentation above pouring lip of (a) and, opposite this, segment of rim cut off to accommodate handle of (c); at center of disk, cylindrical metal knop covered with plastic and attached to disk by screw; (c) hemispherical metal sieve-like container for tea leaves, with horizontal metal rim which rests inside rim of (a) and plastic-covered metal handle attached to rim by two screws; handle rises vertically and then bends outward horizontally; underside of plastic has molded inscription: "mono/ Design Tassilo v. Grolman/ West Germany" and trade mark; (d) enameled metal stand for container unit (a-c), made of sections stout wire or tubing welded together and consisting of upper horizontal hoop with three equidistant vertical legs which bend inward and upward at bottom, and support smaller, lower horizontal hoop; vertical, plastic-covered handle, made same wire or tubing bent into very long U and then bent again so that bottom of U fits around lower part of leg and upper ends are welded to upper hoop, directly below handle of (c). For complete description see Notepad: Full Description 1992-07-25
Hessische Metallwerke Gebr. Seibel GmbH & Co. KG, Source