Beaker with Faceted Decoration

Object Name: 
Beaker with Faceted Decoration

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Object Name: 
Beaker with Faceted Decoration
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Overall H: 14.8 cm; Rim Diam: 7.9 cm
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Web Description: 
Roman glassworkers sometimes finished their products by cutting, grinding, and polishing. They had learned these techniques from lapidaries, who employed them in completing works made of semiprecious stone. Very little is known about the tools used in this process, although the Roman writer Pliny provides some information about the working of semiprecious stones with abrasives. The same abrasives were probably also used in the cold-working of glass. Indeed, it is likely that some craftsmen worked with both materials. Some of the glass objects finished by cutting, engraving, and wheel abrading featured faceted decoration. One of them was a conical beaker with 11 rows of mostly diamond-shaped facets made by grinding and polishing. Similar beakers have been found all over the Roman Empire, in Scandinavia, and in Afghanistan.
Smith, Ray Winfield, Source
Primary Description: 
Greenish-colorless glass; blown, turned, cut. Slender conical beaker with splayed foot; rim ground flat, with molding at edge; straight tapering side, which changes angle and curves slightly near bottom; splayed foot, hollow, but with low boss underneath; on wall, between offset and ledge, eleven rows of facets, mostly diamond-shaped, in quincunx, top and bottom rows rounded, top row with small U-shaped facet between each pair.
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