Beaker with Portrait of King William I of the Netherlands

Object Name: 
Beaker with Portrait of King William I of the Netherlands

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Object Name: 
Beaker with Portrait of King William I of the Netherlands
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H: 8.5 cm, D (rim): 7.6 cm
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Primary Description: 
Clear heavy glass; free-blown, engraved and cut. Cylindrical beaker with flat base; the lower part of the body shows a frieze of two rows of diamonds above the slightly concave panels of the edge; the diamond frieze accompanied by two grooves; the decoration of the upper part of the body consists of four medallion-like scenes; the first one shows a roundel with a royal crown on top and flanked by two crowned lions standing on two elaborate relief sprays; the medallion itself includes a very small second roundel into which a nude is engraved putting something in a bowl, underneath which there are tools symbolizing different professions, the tools including an anchor, a trowel, a pick, and a spade; rain is falling down from five stars; underneath the tools are the initials "FW", (possibly the initials of the engraver); the next scene includes a large glass vase with a worm, in the background a rosebush, on the right turkeys with a tree in the background, the accompanying inscription reads: "die Vollending. Het Genoegen dezer Werld"; next is a medallion accompanied by two leaf sprays forming a wreath; in the center is a beehive with bees, on the left a tree, on top the sun, on the right an eagle with lightning and at the bottom implements of war including cannon balls and flags; the next motif shows a large bird perched on the two tablets with the Ten Commandments, flanked by jars; on top rays of the sun and the inscription: "ERRINNERING Der Wiederherstellung"; underneath a leaf and flower spray; on the base there is a portrait bust of William I of the Netherlands, looking to the left, two leaf and flower sprays and on top the inscription: For complete description see Notepad: Current Full Description 1961-08-01
Nijstad, A., Source
Bodenheim Collection, Former Collection