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Overall H: 16.7 cm, Diam (max): 13.3 cm
On Display
Primary Description: 
Bottle. Transparent light green; few bubbles. Body blown (two gathers) in dip mold; applied. Bottle: roughly biconical; neck somewhat lopsided. Entire body, except for upper shoulder, was covered with second gather. Rim outsplayed, with lip chamfered on outside; neck long and narrow, wider at bottom than at top, and with bulge below lip; shoulder rounded, merging with wall, which curves down and in, and turns inward at bottom; base plain, with pronounced kick; pontil mark large (W. almost 2 cm). At bottom of neck: one continuous horizontal trail wound in at least 1 1/4 revolutions. Mold-blown decoration extends from upper shoulder to lower wall, below which it becomes invisible. It consists of overall pattern of at least eight continuous horizontal rows of more or less hexagonal compartments arranged in quincunx. Top row has about 30 compartments, mostly small, some of which are almost circular; next six rows are more clearly defined and approximate more closely hexagons, many of which slant from top to bottom; eighth row, on lower wall, is very faint.
Strauss, Jerome, Former Collection
A Touch of Glass
Explorers Hall, National Geographic Society 1995-02-15 through 1995-09-15
A Tribute to Persia, Persian Glass (1972) illustrated, p. 18, no.34; BIB# 65782