Pyrex Bottle with Ring and Nipple

Object Name: 
Pyrex Bottle with Ring and Nipple

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Object Name: 
Pyrex Bottle with Ring and Nipple
Accession Number: 
Overall H: 20 cm, Diam: 5.8 cm
Not on Display
about 1960
Credit Line: 
Gift of Corning Inc., Dept. of Archives and Record Management
Primary Description: 
Colorless non-lead glass; white plastic; orange rubber; mold-blown, by machine; a) cylindrical shaped bottle; machine finished rim; straight narrow neck with raised glass ridges for screwing on the ring; bottle rounds out to shoulder; body hexagonal, each side has something different molded into it, reading to the right: side 1-- "E/V/E/N/F/L/O;" side 2--"PAT/NO. / CAN. /6/4/5/9/1/9;" side 3 - measuring lines, "240/200/150/100/50," and "C/U/B/I/C/C/E/N/T/I/M/E/T/E/R/S;" side 4-"P/Y/R/E/X/WARE/ MADE/FOR/EVEN/FLO;" side 5 - measuring lines, "8/7/6/5/4/3/2/1," "O/U/N/C/E/S," and "3;" side 6 - "B/O/T/T/L/E/C/O/N/F/I/G.;" flat circular base with "69-0-1/PYRAMID/MADE/IN U.S.A." molded into it; b) cylindrical shaped ring; top of rim dented in, sides of rim straight; body tapers out very slightly, lines of diminishing and increasing lengths in a wave-like pattern molded into circumference of top of body; interior has raised ridges for screwing ring onto bottle; c) conical shaped nipple; top round; lower part of body tapers out to base; flat circular rim at bottom, rim is wider than body; underside of rim has four raised bumps and four raised ridges, bumps and ridges alternate with one another.
Corning Inc., Dept. of Archives and Record Management, Former Collection