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Object Name: 
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H: 15.7 cm, D(bowl): 19 cm, (foot): 10.7c m
Not on Display
Primary Description: 
Colorless glass; blown from two gathers, wheel-engraved, acid-etched. Broad bell-shaped bowl; plain rim, rounded; wall curves inward and downward for two-thirds of its height, then tapers before descending vertically and curving sharply inward to narrow, bulbous bottom with flat floor; very short "stem" consisting of disk-shaped merese; hollow, bell-shaped foot with plain rim, made from separate gather; engraved and acid-etched decoration on upper part of bowl and foot; on bowl: continuous frieze defined at top by acid-etched band immediately below rim and, under this, band of engraved X-shaped motifs interspersed with four equidistant groups of four printies, and at bottom by continuous band of four groups of three printies alternating with four groups of nine or ten Xs; frieze divided into four equal panels by vertical rows of Xs which terminate in engraved and acid-etched motifs, each immediately below group of printies in upper border; each panel contains floral and vegetal motifs with a large flower and two vertical stems, and a butterfly or moth; on foot: continuous acid-etched band immediately inside rim; inside this, band of Xs and printies that matches lower border on bowl; above it, four equidistant engraved stars; scratched or acid-stamped signature under foot: "0.76 Elme [monogram]."
Errett, Raymond F., Source