Cosmetic Flask

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Object Name: 
Cosmetic Flask
Accession Number: 
Overall H: 16.8 cm, Rim Diam: 2.7 cm, Foot Diam: 4.2 cm
On Display
Primary Description: 
Light green, transparent glass; blown, applied. Cosmetic flask: tubular. Rim rounded by folding out, up, in, and down; wall almost vertical, but tapering slightly and curving in to constriction at bottom; foot conical, shallow and hollow, with rounded edge made by folding; pontil mark. Decorated with single narrow trail wound about six times around wall at mid-point. Basket-shaped handle made from three gobs of glass: two opposed blobs dropped onto lower wall, drawn up to rim in two loops attached to upper wall; third gob dropped onto edge of one upper loop, drawn up and down, with acute angle at apex, and attached to edge of second upper loop. Few bubbles, mainly in handle.
Furman, Mrs. Wallace H., Source
Title Unknown (Arkansas Museum of Science and History-Museum of Discovery)
Arkansas Museum of Science and History-Museum of Discovery 1961 through 1983