Decanter with Stopper

Object Name: 
Decanter with Stopper

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Object Name: 
Decanter with Stopper
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Not on Display
Primary Description: 
Colorless lead glass; (a) mold-blown, cut, polished; (b) hot-worked. (a) Vessel with extended straight tubular neck, rim ground and polished flat, neck decorated with five V-cut rings with spacing gradually decreasing from opening towards body; spherical body; base rim ground and polished flat; no pontil; (b) long solid stopper consisting of three balls--largest at top forms handle and rests directly on rim of vessel, two smaller balls (both the same size) are suspended down the length of the neck, balls are separated by two short, narrow stems; applied to shoulder is a white, rectangular label (with rounded corners), a black edge band with white block letters: "CRYSTAL LEERDAM/MADE IN HOLLAND"; band encloses logo of goblet (with bowl and red stem and foot) against red triangular background.
A.D. Collectie
Foreign Advisory Service Corp., Source