Desert Sea Forms

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Object Name: 
Desert Sea Forms
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Primary Description: 
Colorless lead glass; blown, hot-worked. Three part sculptural grouping of stylized cactus plants; (A) tallest component of grouping, elongated pear-shaped bubbles with blown applications on opposite sides at top, large widely flared optic-ribbed flower blossom with slightly scalloped edge, smaller component is optic-ribbed hollow hemispherical bubble with wide, slightly flattened exterior opening; open base is ground and polished flat; (B) optic-ribbed flattened sphere resting on inset base opening, supports thick solid spiral twist stem at slight tilt, attached to stem end is large wide optic-ribbed flower positioned at 125 degree angle; (C) spherical bubble with wide vertical optic-ribbing rests on wide inset base opening, thick patty at center top attached to small end of tilted tear-drop shaped bubble with narrow spiral optic-molding, narrow circular opening at broad end; inscribed on (A) near base in script: "F. Perkins 1991"; (B) same signature on base; (C) same signature, near base, running vertically up one of ribs.
Steuben Glass, Inc., Source