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Object Name: 
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Overall H: 21.5 cm, Diam: 21 cm
On Display
99-1 BC
Primary Description: 
Transparent yellowish-green glass with many small bubbles; cast, lathe- and wheel-cut, polished. Jug; short flaring rim rounded by grinding; tall, slender neck, almost cylindrical but splayed at bottom; wide, gently sloping shoulder with rounded edge; below this, wall tapers, then curves in towards base, with lathe-cut groove immediately above bottom; slightly splayed footring, also with lathe-cut groove, about 1 cm above bottom; corresponding, but deeper groove on inside of ring, which received flat circular disc, lathe-cut and polished on both surfaces. Sharply angled handle of rectangular cross-section springs from relief cut rectangular "platform" with beveled sides, rises vertically, then bends in sharply to join neck below rim, transition being marked by lozenge-shaped "platform" in low relief. Exterior of handle has wheel-cut decoration: at bottom, side tapers, then rises in two shallow steps, above which are two shallow grooves, 1.9 and 1.1 cm wide; above these, three parallel vertical grooves, which terminate above curve of handle; on upper surface, two relief-cut bands, perpendicular to grooves.
Guigoz, Edouard, Source
Pergamon and the Art of the Hellenistic Kingdoms
Metropolitan Museum of Art 2016-04-04 through 2016-07-10
The Metropolitan Museum of Art is organizing a major loan exhibition scheduled to open in April 2016 that represents an historic collaboration with the Pergamon Museum in Berlin whose major loans from the excavations at Pergamon will represent approximately half of the works in the exhibition. The exhibition places Pergamon and its artistic traditions within the wider context of the art from other major Hellenistic kingdoms through a selection of important works from American and international collections to highlights the innovations and technical mastery achieved by Hellenistic artists, whose enduring legacy profoundly influenced Roman art.
Glass of the Caesars
British Museum 1987-11-18 through 1988-03-06
Romisch-Germanisches Museum 1988-04-15 through 1988-10-18
Musei Capitolini 1988-11-03 through 1989-01-31
Corning Museum of Glass
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