Eye Beads and Fragments

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Eye Beads and Fragments

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Object Name: 
Eye Beads and Fragments
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Multi-colored mosaic glass; fused and hot-worked. (A) Miscellaneous small beads and glass fragments. Red beads with white core, deformed, hence rejected samples; (B) fragments of glass include: a rod of layers with a dark outer coat, perhaps intended for making of millefiori eyes; a red rod, the raw material for making red striping on beads; a section of cane as it is at beginning of the drawing and winding process to produce a spirally, decorated bead; and a number of canes from which such beads as (A) are made; (C) one hundred ten beads include two varieties of Corneline d'Aleppo, and purple and blue beads of the Rocaille or "pound" bead variety, plus one small green bead.
Lamb, Alastair, Source