Flask with Two Handles

Object Name: 
Flask with Two Handles

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Object Name: 
Flask with Two Handles
Accession Number: 
Overall H: 16.6 cm; Rim Diam: 3.3 cm; Body W: 9.8 cm, D: 5.3 cm
On Display
about 1200-1299
Primary Description: 
Flask with Two Handles. Transparent deep purple, with opaque white trails. Blown (body blown in dip mold); applied. Flask, with lens-shaped body. Rim rounded; neck tubular, narrower at bottom than at top; shoulder short and sloping; body has faint vertical ribs, which are most evident between widest part and shoulder; wall flares before curving in and down at sides, and is almost vertical at front and back; base concave; pontil mark circular (D. 1.3 cm); two opposed handles with circular cross section dropped onto edge of shoulder, drawn out, up, and in, and attached to neck at mid-point. Decoration: broad trail covering top and outside of rim; two narrow trails, not marvered, which form continuous spiral wound 13 times around upper two-third of neck; single trail, marvered at lower end, applied to center of base and wound spirally 16 times between bottom and top of wall; as parison was inflated, marvered trail broke up and was transformed into rows of dots.
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