Fragment of Cup or Bowl

Object Name: 
Fragment of Cup or Bowl

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Object Name: 
Fragment of Cup or Bowl
Place Made: 
Accession Number: 
Overall H: 5.3 cm; Footring Diam: 4.8 cm
Not on Display
Primary Description: 
Pale greenish blue, transparent glass; cast, cut, ground, and polished. Cup or bowl: fragment with most of base and small part of lower wall. Wall descends steeply, then curves sharply in at bottom; base flat, with narrow, slightly splayed footring. Linear decoration on wall and underside of base: on wall, indeterminate ornament above continuous horizontal groove and, immediately above footring, row of hollow oval facets (0.3 cm long by 0.25 cm high); on underside of base, central ring and dot surrounded by four groups of motifs arranged as two opposed pairs, all contained within concentric circle (D. 3.4 cm); first pair of motifs consists of T-shaped element with upright part made of one radial cut and with short crossbar at outer end; upright is contained within U-shaped element whose ends curve up, out, down, and in, almost making complete circle; each "circle" contains one dot, with second dot outside and below it; second pair of motifs is as first, but ends of U curve out, up, and down, making semicircle, and there are no dots. Glass is almost bubble-free.
Smith, Ray Winfield, Source
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Musee de Mariemont 1954 through 1954
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