Goblet with Grotesque Decoration

Object Name: 
Goblet with Grotesque Decoration

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Object Name: 
Goblet with Grotesque Decoration
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Overall H: 23.5 cm; Rim Diam: 14.4 cm; Base Diam: 12.8 cm
On Display
about 1500-1525
Web Description: 
After the 13th century, fine Venetian glass was decorated with gilding and fired enamels. Decorating a cristallo goblet with enamel was an elaborate process executed by specialists. Finely powdered glass, colored with metallic oxide and suspended in an oily medium, was applied to a vessel with a brush. As the glass was fired in the furnace, the medium burned away. Sometimes, several firings were required to fuse the various colors of an ornately enameled object. During the Renaissance, decorative motifs derived from classical antiquity were inspired by the discovery of ancient Roman wall paintings. These motifs, interlaced with vines or ribbons, included fantastic creatures, flowers, and coats of arms. The glass decorator probably used contemporary engravings as a source for these designs.
Kouchakji, Fahim, Source
de Rothschild, Gustave, Former Collection
Primary Description: 
Goblet. Flat based bowl of ogee profile joined by merese to three-part mold-blown (17 vertical ribs) stem consisting of central flattened knop cushioned above and below by smaller, similar knops; lower knop is fused to thick, solid peg, which joins stem to mold-blown (15 vertical ribs) pedestal foot, edge of which has strengthening thread applied to its upper surface; at apex of foot is exceptionally large pontil mark. Around base of bowl is applied cordon of glass that has been tooled into frill and is gilded. Stem and foot are gilded, with semée d’or (sown with gold) effect. Bowl enameled with overall design of putti disporting themselves among various Renaissance attributes. They are painted in opaque white touched with flesh (pink) tones, with all details rendered in black lines. In upper register, four winged putti sit astride pendent swags of green leaves bound with polychrome ribbons and embellished with central polychrome rosette. Putti have yellow wings and either red bootees laced with yellow or yellow bootees laced with black. They hold yellow crosier-like scrolls. Between and below them are four dancing putti, wingless but wearing bootees of green and blue. They grasp red and yellow ribbons that are suspended from blue canopies with red and yellow lappet fringes. Between these putti and somewhat below them are trophies of crossed narrow shields issuing from vases and surmounted alternately by barrel with crossed arrows and symmetrical lyre like arrangement of leafy scrollwork. Loops holding leaf swags of upper register are painted in yellow overlying red; gold leaf of upper border has been scratched away to receive them. This border is scratched with scale design entwined by dots of white enamel, and it is bordered above and below by single line of blue dots.
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