Grotto of the Last Supper with 3 separate Figures

Object Name: 
Grotto of the Last Supper with 3 separate Figures

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Object Name: 
Grotto of the Last Supper with 3 separate Figures
Accession Number: 
Grotto H: 28 cm; Figurine (avg) H: 3.8 cm
Not on Display
Credit Line: 
Gift of The Art Institute of Chicago
Primary Description: 
Grotto made of wood, cardboard, paper, stones, textiles, etc., having little bunches of leaves with buds of red glass; in the center there is a table with a bench in the back on which sit 10 figures while one is kneeling; one figurine is on the lower left level (Christ and 11 apostles, one is missing); the figurines are all bearded except for Christ and St. John (kneeling); they are clad in white robes and have yellow, orange, green, blue and turquoise scarves; on the table there is a little white pitcher; behind the bench there is a mirror, above the table is a lamp; on the other side of the grotto behind the mirror stands Christ with bound hands, crown of thorns and clad in a pink coat ("Ecce Homo"), flanked by Pilatus (white glass painted brown) and a kneeling figure holding a branch; on the lower level there is Judas in white, with a green scarf and holding a yellow bag, to his right are a kneeling soldier with a yellow helmet and a bearded man (an apostle ?).
The Art Institute of Chicago, Former Collection