Head Flask

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Object Name: 
Head Flask
Accession Number: 
Overall H: 10.1 cm; Rim Diam: 2.1 cm; Nose to Chignon D: about 4.6 cm
On Display
Primary Description: 
Brownish yellow, transparent; mold-blown. Rim outsplayed, then folded up, in, and down; neck cylindrical; body in form of female head; base plain; no pontil mark. Single mold seam extends from neck of vessel over forehead, down center of face and neck, across underside of base, up neck and back of head, and onto neck of vessel. Head has deep-set, almond-shaped eyes and brows that descend slightly from bridge of nose; and narrow nose, short and slightly parted lips; large, bulbous chin, and neck with three Venus rings. Hair is parted in middle and drawn down in wavy locks to roll which frames face, with small nodus at center of forehead, chignon at nape of neck, and two long corkscrew curls which extend from chignon forward and down neck. She wears small pendant earrings.
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