Holy Water Font

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Object Name: 
Holy Water Font
Accession Number: 
Overall H: 33 cm, W: 12 cm, D: 7.9 cm
On Display
Primary Description: 
Clear glass with bubbles; pattern-molded with applied and tooled decoration. The font has only one bulge with wide neck flaring to rim and decreasing in diameter towards a solid mushroom knop to which three S-shaped threads and a little bead have been attached; to the neck of the font a few coil threads have been applied to form a triangle over a circle and flanked by two other circles; the superstructure or handle applied to the upper part of the font again consists of a plain thread incorporating a red thread forming an 8 and framed by a wide border with a cross-hatched crimped edge, the central above the 8 having a cobblestone pattern; two balls have been applied to the left and right of the 8, each having three free standing leaves, on the upper part of the border two notched rings, on the top of the superstructure a ball with three wings; the superstructure is attached to the font at the center and supported on both sides by heavy crimped threads.
Linares, Abelardo, Source