Medallion with Portrait of Augustus

Object Name: 
Medallion with Portrait of Augustus

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Object Name: 
Medallion with Portrait of Augustus
Accession Number: 
Overall Diam: 5.3 cm
On Display
Primary Description: 
Opaque white on dark brown glass; white layer fused to brown base, then wheel-cut, carved and polished. Circular; white overlay has been cut in low relief in the form of a clean- shaven male head, seen in profile facing right, the chin slightly lifted. The hair is short on the top of the head, slightly longer at the back of the neck. The forehead is high, the nose almost straight and the chin firm. The ear is large and rather prominent. The image stops at the base of the neck. The workmanship is good.
Francken, Jock, Source
Corning Museum of Glass 2003-03-20 through 2003-09-01
West Bridge Show
Portraits and Propaganda: Faces of Rome
David Winton Bell Gallery
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