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Object Name: 
Stained Glass Panel
Accession Number: 
Overall H: 66.7 cm, W: 33.4 cm, Th: 1.6 cm
On Display
Web Description: 
Throughout her work, Schaechter depicts characters experiencing suffering, loss, and redemption. Nedotykompectomy, a made-up word, was directly inspired by a 15th-century painting by Hieronymus Bosch that shows a patient undergoing a lobotomy. In this panel, a bound, bleeding individual has a small figure plucked from its forehead by a disembodied hand descending from above, much as the hand of God is depicted in early European painting. The Punk/Gothic style of Schaechter’s characters recalls the anxious but beautiful figures of medieval art, as well as early 20th-century German Expressionist painting.
Schaechter, Judith ((American, b. 1961)), Source
Primary Description: 
Multi-colored (largely deep red, cobalt blue and black) glass, vitreous enamels, silver-stain lead, glass crystals; cut, leaded, enameled, etched, laminated. Vertical rectangular panel; leaded panel with overall linear drawing; panel format consists of internal vertical section framed by narrow band of leaded cobalt, in turn framed by a wider band of small squares and rectangles etched or sandblasted to depict parts of the body (brain, teeth, eye, heart, or red veining); central panel has paired and etched image of a small node with outstretched arms standing on an open hand attached to arm that extends into picture plane from outside border; a second arm with closed hand extends in from opposite side to touch the turned head of a large, double-plated figure with closed eyes, bound hands, straight legs that extend to corners with feet with upturned soles; applied overall red crystal drops applied to head and torso; unsigned.
Glass 1
Temple Gallery 1987-03 through 1987-03
Title Unknown (Nexus Gallery)
Nexus Gallery 1986 through 1986