Parabelle Piedouche Paperweight

Object Name: 
Parabelle Piedouche Paperweight

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Object Name: 
Parabelle Piedouche Paperweight
Accession Number: 
Overall H: 6.3 cm, Diam (max): 7.4 cm
On Display
Credit Line: 
Gift of L. H. Selman Ltd.
Primary Description: 
Parabelle Piedouche Paperweight. Colorless, polychrome non-lead glasses, light barium, soda-lime glass; fused murrine; furnace-worked and cased; millefiori, paperweight. Domed circular shape with waisted sides and flat bottom; the top half of colorless glass; polychrome millefiori canes in a circular disk at the center, arranged in a pattern of concentric rings in the center and eight small circles of canes spaced evenly around the edge, all against a background of green and white "moss" canes; the central cane a red-and-green rose cane, encircled by a ring of white canes with green, white, and pink centers, and further encircled by a spaced ring of pink and green rose canes; circular rings of canes formed of six or seven matching canes around a central cane of contrasting color; a tiny cane visible from the bottom, underneath the millefiori disk, inscribed "PB1991" in individual rods, the outlined letters and numbers in blue against opaque white, arranged in a ring around a central opaque white rod with red triangle; lower sides with vertical hollow staves of alternating white-lined brownish-purple and opaque white; trailed, twisted opaque white torsade around the base; polished concave pontil mark on the bottom.
L. H. Selman Ltd., Source
Corning Museum of Glass 2006-11-16 through 2007-03-18
West Bridge Exhibit