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Object Name: 
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Accession Number: 
H: 27.4 cm; D (rim): 12.7 cm, (foot): 13.2 cm
On Display
Credit Line: 
Gift of Edwin J. Beinecke
Primary Description: 
Clear glass with a few bubbles and impurities; wear marks at base; free-blown, enameled and gilded. Body increasing in diameter upwards toward wide rim, wide foot made of same gather as upper part, with underfolded rim, smoothed in fire; enamel decoration: the surface is divided in four sections by four double rings in yellow and red with black bands forming ovals and diamonds; on the obverse, in the upper two sections, a gentleman in a brown coat, having in his right hand a walking stick and with his left hand on his hip; the two lower sections on the obverse are occupied by a shield showing the bootmaker symbols; around the figure of the gentleman-like bootmaker five quartered, gilded diamonds (rubbed off) studded with blue and red beads and accompanied by white spiral and dash borders forming stars; cross shaped white motifs and rosettes in a few of the empty spaces; on the reverse the inscription: "Trinck mit Freuden, Halt dich bescheiden, Halt manz und Ziel, trinck nicht Zu viel. VIVANT Die Schumacher Anno Domini 1719"; on the foot: "Trinck mich aus und gieb mich Hin, dasz ist jetzt der Welt ihr Sinn." (Drink with happiness, be moderate, don't drink too much, long live the shoemakers. Empty me and this world's sins today.); at joint of foot and lower body a reversed U- shaped line; on the base are four paper labels, probably from the auction houses; one, with a printed number: "4005"; the three others written in pen and pencil read "302", "534", "Pas a vendre".
Beinecke, Edwin J., Source
German Enameled Glass (1965) illustrated, pp. 378-379, #93; p. 131; BIB# 18098