Roemer with Sepia (Schwarzlot) Decoration

Object Name: 
Roemer with Sepia (Schwarzlot) Decoration

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Object Name: 
Roemer with Sepia (Schwarzlot) Decoration
Accession Number: 
Overall H: 12.75 cm; Diam (rim): 12.25 cm
On Display
about 1670-1729
Primary Description: 
Clear green glass; free-blown, applied decoration, and enameled. Circular bowl with curved sides flaring from wide cylindrical "stem" with conical kickup in bottom, applied sloping ringed foot built up from a thread of glass; applied thin oval bosses on stem and single thread at top; enameled in wash-drawing style around lower side of bowl: "satyrs" and "nymphs" or maenads in a bacchanalian vintage scene, and a central group depicting Mercury (Hermes) and a "satyr" holding the young or infant Bacchus (Dionysius) whose extended right hand is clasped in that of a nymph.
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