The Rothschild Bowl

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Object Name: 
Lattimo Bowl
The Rothschild Bowl
Place Made: 
Accession Number: 
Overall H: 5.9 cm; Rim Diam: 14.1 cm; Foot Diam: 6.3 cm
On Display
about 1500-1510
Credit Line: 
Purchased with funds from the Museum Endowment Fund
Web Description: 
This bowl, with outstanding gilded and enameled decoration, is an example of Venetian lattimo (from Italian latte, "milk"). Lattimo was a white or cream-colored glass made to look like porcelain. Both lattimo and porcelain could be decorated with enamels and gold. At the time this bowl was made, porcelain was produced only in some East Asian countries, and it was imported in to Europe. In the scene painted in the center of the bowl, the ribbon in front of the young man is inscribed "EGO VOBIS SERVO SON," a garbled mixture of Latin and Italian that means "I am your servant." A similar lattimo bowl, in the Kunthistorisches Museum in Vienna, bears a similarly painted portrait of a young woman. It is possible that the two bowls were made as a pair and were given as engagement or wedding gifts.
Sunday Art, Inc., Source
Primary Description: 
Lattimo Bowl, "The Rothschild Bowl". Bowl: circular, with curved sides, everted fire-polished rim, and trailed foot-ring; pontil mark on base. Exterior is decorated with wide gold band in fish scale pattern; at center of each scale, dark blue enamel dot; bands of turquoise blue dots and dark red motif resembling lily of the valley suspended from each pair of blue dots. Interior is decorated with bust length profile of young man, facing left, outlined in black; his face is shaded pink, and his hair is gilded. He is dressed in red brown and white. To his left is banderole inscribed “EG/O VOBI/S SERV/O SON.” On either side, blue sky and clouds, and turquoise blue hills; tuft of fine grass in black enamel springs from hill at right. Moving out from center, portrait is encircled by band of light green enamel dots on gold ground, band of pairs of light blue dots with red motif resembling lily of the valley springing from each pair of blue dots, and band of pairs of light green dots with light blue motif resembling lily of the valley springing from each pair. On underside of base, rectangular brownish paper label, embossed “HUNEGG” and inscribed “V A 69”(?) in ink; circular tan paper label inscribed “218” in ink.
Corning Museum of Glass 2004-05-13 through 2004-10-17
Gloria dell Arte
Philbrook Museum of Art 1979-10 through 1980-01
Title Unknown (Palace of Legion of Honor)
Palace of Legion of Honor 1977 through 1977
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