Roundel Fragment with Shepherd and Flock

Object Name: 
Roundel Fragment with Shepherd and Flock

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Object Name: 
Roundel Fragment with Shepherd and Flock
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Overall Diam (max): 9.7 cm
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Web Description: 
Gold glasses were used in a variety of ways. In addition to medallions bearing portraits, they were made as roundels at the center of dishes and bowls. This example shows a shepherd tending his flock. The Latin inscriptions surrounding the scene are drinkers’ toasts that may be translated, “[Be] the pride of your friends; drink that you may live; may you live.” The shepherd and flock motif might initially incline the viewer to think that the inscription is a Christian exhortation. However, the shepherd is holding a panpipe, which is not a Christian symbol, and thus the medallion probably depicts a bucolic scene with no religious significance. Roundels similar to this one were displayed beside tombs in the catacombs, the underground galleries used by Jews and Christians for burying their dead.
Sangiorgi, Giorgio, Former Collection
Sangiorgi, Sergio, Source
Primary Description: 
Transparent pale green glass; gold leaf sandwiched between two sheets of glass. Roundel with low footring; two sheets of glass, edge of lower sheet folded to form base ring; decorated in gold leaf: rustic scene in two concentric circles which contain inscription; on right, shepherd, short-haired and beardless wearing girdled tunic and leggings, holding syrinx in both hands with crook leaning against right knee; to his right, tree, pollarded, with leafy branch; to his left, jar and three rams, in field, dots and five leaf sprays.
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