Rummer with Raven's Head Seal

Object Name: 
Rummer with Raven's Head Seal

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Object Name: 
Rummer with Raven's Head Seal
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Overall H: 18.8 cm, Diam (max): 10.6 cm
Not on Display
about 1676-1678
Web Description: 
In March 1674, the English glassmaker George Ravenscroft applied for a patent to make colorless lead glass. Unfortunately, this glass was prone to crizzling, a chemical instability that results in an attack by atmospheric moisture, producing a network of cracks in the surface. Ravenscroft revised his formula, adding more and more lead oxide to the batch. By mid-1676, he announced that his improved glasses were to be marked with a seal, a custom known from several glasshouses that made lead glass. His stamp featured a raven's head, taken from his family's coat of arms. Corning's rare Ravenscroft goblet was made with the new lead formula. It is decorated with mold-blown ribbing that is pinched to form a mesh design on the bowl. This pattern is called "nipt-diamond-waies." One of the prunts at the bottom of the stem is stamped with a raven's head.
Steuben Glass, Inc., Source
Ratcliffe, R. F., Former Collection
Primary Description: 
Colorless lead glass; pattern-molded and blown, with applied decoration. Large spherical cupped-in bowl decorated with nipt-diamond waies; applied vermicular or frilled collar at top of hollow, cylindrical, fluted stem with six applied berry prunts and raven's head seal; applied, flaring, conical, ribbed foot with narrow folded rim, rough pontil mark.
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