Winged Dragon and Serpent Tazza

Object Name: 
Winged Dragon and Serpent Tazza

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Object Name: 
Winged Dragon and Serpent Tazza
Place Made: 
Accession Number: 
Overall H: 27.3 cm, Diam: 20 cm
On Display
about 1880
Primary Description: 
Translucent yellow and clear glass with many small and large bubbles; free-blown, tooled, pattern-molded, flashed and gilded, with applied parts and decoration. High conical spreading uneven foot with folded rim and rough pontil mark, clear coil- like stem with stemmed disk on top supporting the crimped and ribbed plate or bowl with two sides bent upwards thus forming a sort of shell. Foot and bowl are splashed with large green spots and small silver particles turning blue when overlapping the green spots, and then cased in clear glass. A winged dragon and a serpent are wound around the stem: the dragon is slightly gilded and ribbed and has a fantastic head with red tongue and yellow-black eyes; the serpent has a slight blue multi-ply enameled twist, is slightly ribbed and has a red tongue and yellow-black eyes.
Freedman, Leonard and Sons, Source