Anthem of Joy in Glass (481)

Anthem of Joy in Glass by Věra Lišková
Anthem of Joy in Glass
Anthem of Joy in Glass - Technique
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Věra Lišková (Czech, 1924–1985)
Czechoslovakia, Prague
Flameworked glass
H: 99.5 cm, W: 95.1 cm, D: 101.6 cm

Věra Lišková was a talented designer who pioneered the use of borosilicate glass for sculpture. Traditionally, borosilicate glass is used for making laboratory wares for scientists, such as beakers and test tubes. In the late 1960s, Lišková began to make abstract glass sculptures and glass sculptures of animals that, over the years, gradually increased in size. Anthem of Joy in Glass was the most ambitious work of Lišková’s long career. Inspired by the form of musical notes, the sculpture communicates the emotion and energy of harmonious sound. 

This sculpture was made by heating glass tubes, inflating them with breath, and then manipulating the hot glass over an oxygen-propane-powered torch to create the individual spiky elements, and then sealing the elements to each other with the torch.

Gift of Art Centrum.