Chartreuse Pair (535)

Chartreuse Pair by Dante Marioni
Chartreuse Pair
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Dante Marioni (American, b. 1964)
United States, Seattle, Washington, 1997
H: 76 cm, W: 15 cm; Diam: 13.5 cm; H: 38 cm, W: 24.4 cm, Diam: 19.4 cm

Marioni works with traditional Venetian glassblowing and decorating techniques in original and inventive ways. Using pop, comic-book colors paired with classical forms, he has developed several series of blown glass vessels that look contemporary while they also pay homage to the tradition and history of Italian glass.

One of the forms in this Pair is the becco di oca (goose-beak) pitcher, a popular Italian shape with an ancient Etruscan heritage. The footed cup is derived from the shape of the ancient Greek kylix, a two-handled ceramic drinking vessel.

Gift of Mike and Annie Belkin.