Innerland (493)

Innerland by Eric Hilton
Innerland - Technique
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Eric Hilton (British, b. Scotland, 1937)
Engraved by Mark Witter; Ladislav Havlik; Lubomir Richter; Peter Schelling; Roger Selander
U.S., Corning, New York, Steuben Glass Inc.
Lead glass, cast, cut, engraved, sandblasted
H: 9.9 cm, W: 49.3 cm, D: 49.3 cm

This multi-part sculpture expresses Hilton’s ideas about the unity of human life and nature, and the relationship of the mind and spirit. It represents the landscape of an imaginary world that invites examination and discovery. It also reflects Hilton’s concerns about the future of nature in a time when global warming and other environmental concerns have reached critical proportions.

Hilton’s sculpture is inspired by the dramatic landscapes of northern Scotland and its constantly shifting light—from bright to muted to dark—and the effect of that light on the coastal moors and the sea. The highly refractive quality of the lead glass is suited to this crystal landscape, with its dreamlike topographical features that are meticulously engraved, cut, and sand-blasted. Although he finds glass to be a beautiful and challenging material, Hilton’s main interest is its unique optical qualities.

Anonymous gift.