Biography: Dan Mirer

Dan Mirer
Dan Mirer

Dan Mirer develops a dialogue between design and craft, to create designs that combine processes. Mirer makes elegantly shaped vessels, including a unique series of functional and decorative hand-blown bottles. His work has been shown at UrbanGlass, Bellevue Art Museum, and in the Smithsonian Craft Show. A graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology and Alfred University, Mirer currently lives and works in Corning, NY.

In September 2011, Dan Mirer and Nisha Bansil held a Collaborative Residency at The Studio. Mirer and Bansil combined the techniques of photo sandblasting and blown glass, and developed new methods to create bubble trap imagery. With Mirer’s strengths in craftsmanship and technical innovation and Bansil’s emphasis on pure imagery using the two dimensional qualities of glass, the artists collaborated to create new work that neither would accomplish alone. Mirer saw his residency at The Studio as a way to keep his work fresh, affording him the time to explore new techniques in glassblowing.