Biography: Durk Valkema

Durk Valkema - photo by Anna Carlgren
Durk Valkema

Durk Valkema comes from a well-known family of glass artists in the Netherlands. He attended the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam and worked with Stanislav Libenskỳ at the Academy of Applied Arts in Prague. Today, he designs and executes his own sculptural works and engineers glass systems and equipment for studio artists in Europe and the United States. Valkema works with hot and cold glass to analyze the architectonic principles of form and to develop kinetic plays of shadow and light.

Through his broad technical and practical knowledge, in combination with aesthetic insight, Valkema acts as a sounding board in the development of competitive and technically innovative design for both %%art glass%% and product design. He specializes in designing and building cost-effective, fuel-efficient furnaces, annealing kilns, and related equipment.