Biography: Æsa Björk Thorsteinsdóttir

Æsa Björk Thorsteinsdóttir

Thorsteinsdóttir, of Bergen, Norway, spent a lot of time thinking about the art of glass blinds since her teaching assistant experience at The Studio the previous summer. Thorsteinsdóttir says, “Blinds of glass is a fascinating thought exercise as well as a challenging way to work with or divide space.” Her residency at The Studio allowed her “to gather [her] thoughts about the issue and experiment with the practical challenges.” She experimented with various methods of casting and mounting the blinds. She created a combination of both permanent and fleeting images from video projection on multi-layered blinds. Thorsteinsdóttir has exhibited extensively during the past 10 years in solo and group shows. In 2002, her work was part of “Young and Hot,” a Glass Art Society show of emerging European artists.