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All Materials Have Memory. Our Job Is To Make It A Good One


July 10 - 15, 2017
Kiln Casting
One-Week Session

This course will focus on the investigation and development of advanced methods in mold making and kiln casting. Materials such as silicon rubber, latex, plaster, alginate, clay and wax will be discussed and used in various ways of applications. Students will use different types of refractory molds such as investment molds, hand built and core molds with various ways of enforcement. Students will have the choice of free sculpting their models, using ready-made objects or combining the two in order to execute conceptual ideas, and emphasis their creativity. The course will be supplemented by photo essays, demonstrations and hands-on projects and activities. Firing, annealing and use of different type of glass will be discussed in depth. One year of kilnworking experience is required.


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Katya Izabel Filmus

Katya Izabel Filmus is an Israeli artist based in the UK working primarily in kiln cast glass. Filmus earned a BFA in Ceramics and Glass at the Bezalel Academy of Art & Design, Israel,...