Improv and Attitude

Improv and Attitude

January 12 - 17, 2015
One-Week Session

This class will focus on rolling with, and fixing, the problems that arise while working in hot glass. Making mistakes when blowing glass is common. Patience, a willingness to improvise, and a good attitude are the keystones to a successful experience in the hot shop and in life. You will be encouraged to design work and execute designs with a willingness to improvise and learn from experience. This is a hands-on adventure in “caulk and paint, make it what it ain’t.” This class is for you if you have ideas and want to problem solve, communicate and execute them. There is seldom a reason to yell, kick, scream, or throw oneself on the floor. Mistakes are opportunities to learn—roll with it. One year of glassblowing experience is required.


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Jordana Korsen

Jordana Korsen has been working with hot glass for more than 20 years, focusing on functional work with a sculptural touch. As a glassblower, she creates clean forms with a sense of humor. Korsen...