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Introduction to Flameworking


July 31 - August 5, 2017
One-Week Session

This class will begin with a discussion of tools, material, and ergonomics regarding best practices for safety and comfort. Through demonstration, explanation and active coaching students will be lead through a series of flameworking techniques, and then learn how to link those techniques together to create a finished project. After completing a few assigned projects, students will try to draw on their newfound experience to create something all their own. Beginning with clear solid glass, students will progress to adding color, and finally they will move onto creating some hollow blown work. Instruction will focus more on technique than finished product with an emphasis on the interpretation and control of temperature and the working properties of the glass itself. No glassworking experience required.

*Please be aware that this class occurs at the same time as a car race at Watkins Glen and local hotels book quickly. Room and board is available through The Studio, however, if you are getting your own housing, please book early.


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Jim Byrnes

Jim Byrnes began his career in glass as a scientific glassblowing apprentice in 1979 and earned a living making laboratory equipment for 30 years. More artist than scientist by nature, he has...