A Poacher's Tour of Europe

A Poacher's Tour of Europe

June 9 - 14, 2014
One-Week Session

The art of glassblowing contains so many tricks and secrets, and is capable of producing such a range of outcomes; it sometimes seems that the material of glass simply isn't the same from country to country, and even studio to studio. This class will provide you with an overview of the variety of techniques that are used in different areas of the world, and then challenge you to dissolve cultural barriers that otherwise separate styles. From the sturdy cut crystal of English leaded glass traditions, to the fluid clarity of Scandinavian designs, to the fragile elegance of Venetian blown glass, you will gain an understanding of the artistic range that has been developed by European artists for generations. You will then be challenged to blend otherwise incompatible methods in your own work. Basic tenets of glassblowing, such as symmetry or vessel making, will be challenged and questioned. Research in the Museum’s collection will complement this course. One year of glassworking experience is required.


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Christopher Watts

Christopher Watts' conceptually driven glass sculpture focuses on contemporary issues, such as perceived and agreed value, and the concealed meaning behind a material's history. He uses the...