Taking A Leap

Taking A Leap

July 7 - 12, 2014
Kiln Working
All Levels
One-Week Session

Nothing compares to the joy of creating personally resonant work. All it requires is taking a leap of faith from expectation into unfamiliar territory. The payoff is tremendous because your work will be unequivocally yours.

The focus of this course revolves around developing and refining a skilled, intuitive, and uniquely individual approach to making using powders and sheet glass. We will begin with relaxed mark-making exercises and move quickly into reductive powder work. Simple black-and-white powder studies encourage increasingly sophisticated work and culminate in independent multilayered monochromatic and color projects. We will pay particular attention to building thoughtful, dimensional, and cohesive projects. Relevant experimentation with materials and strategies for invention will be encouraged, and the creative process of moving from idea to concept sketches toward final resolution will be stressed. No glassworking experience is required, but some kiln working experience is suggested. Students with experience in other artistic media are encouraged to participate.


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Catharine Newell (Photo by Cary Newell)

Catharine Newell, recognized for her distinctive figurative work using glass powders, exhibits her unique approach to kiln working internationally.  An ardent educator, Newell’s teaching history...