What, Why, How?

What, Why, How?

July 28 - August 2, 2014
Cold Working
All Levels
One-Week Session

In this class, we will focus on reframing our relationship with cold working. Using solid blocks of glass, you will learn all aspects of cold working, including shaping by grinding, polishing, the use of horizontal mill wheels, and vertical lathes. Some methods will be used to make cold working a little easier, faster, and more interesting: using diamond saw, chipping with a hard metal chisel, and using flex-grinders with diamond wheels.  We will explore industrial design and how to create large-sized sculptures using several glass parts by joining them together with HXTAL glue. Within the course, all aspects of industrial design will be explained as well. No glassworking experience is required. 


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Vladimir Klein, born in Czechoslovakia, studied at the Academy of Applied Arts in Prague under Stanislav Libenskỳ. He taught and directed a glassmaking school in Kamenicky Senov and served as a...