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Paperweight with Bee - Artwork
Paperweight with Trailing Arbutus on Base - Artwork
Painted Trillium - Artwork
Paperweight with a Paphiopedilum Tonsum - Artwork
White Trillium with Spirits D56 - Artwork
Lilac Bouquet Orb with Honeybee and Ant - Artwork
Cloistered Tri-Level Botanical with "Indian Pipe" Flower and Spirits - Artwork
Purple Finch in the Snow - Artwork
Medieval and Post-Medieval Glass Technology: Melting Characteristics of Some Glasses Melted from Vegetable Ash and Sand Mixtures. - Library
The Glass from Frattesina, a Glassmaking Center in the Late Bronze Age - Library
Ancient Egyptian furnace [electronic resource] / Corning Museum of Glass. - Library
Some Technical Aspects of Ancient Venetian Glass - Library
Dr. Robert Brill excavating beneath the Beth She-arim slab, Israel [slide]. - Library
The development of glass-melting furnaces, 1850-1950 / Michael Cable. - Library