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The Quest to See More: Glass Lenses - Article
With a Burst of Energy: Glass That Amplifies Light - Article
Lighting the Way: Fresnel Lens - Article
Getting the Whole Picture: Bundled Glass Fibers - Article
Annealing Glass - Article
Jobs in a 19th-Century Glass Factory - Article
The Origins of Glassmaking - Article
Historical Glassmaking Techniques - Article
Prince Rupert's Drop and Glass Stress - Article
Chocolate and Glass: A Tasty Comparison - Article
The Window Machines: Sheet & Plate Glass - Article
The Precise Moment: Tempered Glass - Article
Reflections on Glass: Telescope Mirrors - Article
A Pressing Solution: Shaped Glass - Article
Glass in Nature - Article
Solarized Glass - Article
Crizzling - Article
Types of Glass - Article
What is Glass? - Article
The Mystery Slab of Beth She'arim - Article
Countless Variations: Lens Combinations - Article
A Discovery Waiting to Happen: Glass-Ceramics - Article
A Break with Tradition: Fused Silica - Article
Finding the Right Recipe: Borosilicate Glass - Article
Heart/Red Flower - Artwork
Big Arcus/Arcus III - Artwork
Head I - Artwork
Cylinder in the Spheric Space - Artwork
Pariz - Artwork
Red Pyramid - Artwork
Prism in the Spheric Space - Artwork
Head IV - Artwork
Contacts III - Artwork
Imprint of an Angel II - Artwork