Never in Your Wildest Dreams

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Never in Your Wildest Dreams: Connections Through Imagination


The Studio
June 12, 2014 to December 31, 2014

Junior Curators are local teens who learn the inner workings of a museum and then use what they've learned to curate an exhibtion. They study both glass and how a museum functions. They also tour the Museum, The Studio, and the Rakow Research Library and even make their own glass flowers and beads. In creating their exhibition the Junior Curators have been asked to consider the questions: What objects appeal to me and why? How was each object made? What relationships exist between the objects? How can we help our audience engage with the objects? The final exhibit will be on display beginning in June and will be seen by visitors from around the world. 

Orphee aux Feuillages (Orpheus in Foliage) - Artwork
Gianni Toso - Biography
"Fazzoletto" (Handkerchief) Vase - Artwork
Lino Tagliapietra - Biography
Stars and Stripes Acid Capsule #4 - Artwork
Treg Silkwood - Biography
Chess Set - Artwork
Amber Cowan - Biography
Ionic Structure of Glass - Artwork
Jiyong Lee - Biography