Founders of American Studio Glass

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Founders of American Studio Glass: Harvey K. Littleton


West Bridge
November 17, 2011 to January 6, 2013

In celebration of the 50th anniversary, in 2012, of the “birth” of the American %%Studio Glass%% movement, this exhibition featured works by one of the founders of the movement, Harvey K. Littleton. The objects on display - 19 vessels and sculptures and five vitreographs (prints made from glass plates) - span the arc of Littleton’s career in glass from the 1960s through the 1980s.

Works were drawn both from the Museum’s collection and the artist’s personal collection. Founders of American %%Studio Glass%%: Harvey K. Littleton recognized Littleton, born and raised in Corning, for his achievements in developing glass as a material for artistic expression. It was the first solo exhibition of the artist’s work at the Museum.

Red/Amber Sliced Descending Form - Artwork
Ruby Conical Intersection with Amber Sphere - Artwork
Eye - Artwork
Interrupted Loop Series - Artwork
Female Torso - Artwork
Vessel - Artwork
Gold and Green Implied Movement - Artwork
Toledo Bottle - Artwork