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Life's Memories


The Studio
June 7, 2013 to December 31, 2013

The Corning Museum of Glass Junior Curators are inquisitive middle school and high school students who meet once a week in the spring to learn about glass and the inner workings of the Museum.

Knowing that their objective was to curate a show using objects from The Studio’s collection, the Junior Curators began in March to learn about glass and how a museum functions. They toured the Museum, The Studio, and the Rakow Research Library; studied glassworking techniques; and made their own glass flowers and beads at The Studio. They also ventured behind the scenes and learned the responsibilities of museum specialists, including the conservator, registrar, librarian, and curatorial assistant. One of their most rewarding experiences was a question and answer session with the Museum’s curators.

The Junior Curators repeatedly examined the glass in The Studio and considered important questions: What objects appeal to me and why? How was each object made? What relationships exist between the objects? How can we help our audience engage with the objects?

After looking closely at the collection, the Junior Curators were inspired by the thought that artwork could represent memory - memory of feelings, experiences, objects, places, or living things. Based on this, a glass artist’s body of work could be the equivalent of a written memoir. As memory fades over time, representational forms may emerge as abstract objects.

The 2013 Junior Curators selected a wide range of glass art to illustrate the theme of Life’s Memories.

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