Selections from The Rakow Library


Rakow Library Atrium
March 19, 2015 to May 17, 2015

Glimpse a few of the wonders from The Rakow Library, the world’s largest collection on the subject of glass and glassmaking. This choice selection of objects includes books, correspondence, artist books and notebooks, and other rare items. Among the objects on view are Antonio Neri’s 1612 L’arte vetraria (The art of glass), a work about glass so groundbreaking that King Charles II of England owned a copy of the first English translation. You’ll also see batch books, which carried the carefully guarded recipes and experiments by such glassmakers as Amory Houghton Jr., son of the founder of Corning Glass Works. Also on view, Gustav Friedrich Faassen’s travel journal which documents his educational journey as a glazier trainee and glass manufacturer.