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Little Gather: Diaspora Drumming Ensemble – Echoes of Africa

July 30, 2014 11:00am to 12:00pm
Little Gather: Diaspora Drumming Ensemble – Echoes of Africa

Introduce little ones to the Museum through FREE storytelling, puppet shows, music, and lots of fun! 

Ringo Brill, Tiffany Nicely, and Gabriel Gutierrez have studied in Cuba, Brazil, Mexico and West Africa. They have also studied with teachers from Guinea and Senegal. By using authentic instruments from three continents, including the djembe, doun-douns, balafon, repinique,timbal, agogos, and tumabadoras they are able to take their audience on a trip through time and across oceans. Their music traces the path of rhythms and musical intruments from Western Africa to North and South America and the Caribbean.

Diaspora Drummings' performances demonstrate how, in African and African-derived percussion traditions, different instruments "speak" to one another; they literally use different complimenting rhythms to create conversations! Students will join Brill, Nicely, and Gutierrez in traditional singing and dancing and will also have the opportunity to create their own rhythmic conversations. These engaging performances and workshops are alive with history and reinforce the importance of dialogue and understanding in our multicultural world.

Echoes of Africa

African and Latin American cultures are indelibly linked through drumming, song, and dance. This performance follows musical paths from Western Africa to Cuba, Brazil, Puerto Rico and Mexico. These paths include the development of different insturments, cultural uses of specific music and dances, and the way language and music change over time and distance. The performance features a large variety of rhythms played on authentic percussion instruments. Audience members participate in creating rhythms, singing, and dancing.

Stay after the performance and explore gallery objects related to the day's theme. Explore African glass beads after the show.

The Southeast Steuben County Library will be on site for each Little Gather Family session at 11 am, offering selected pieces from their collection centered around the Little Gather theme of the week. Bring your local library card to check out these items and further enhance your Little Gather experience at home.

Bring your family at 11 am. Groups can attend a special 9:30am show. Groups MUST register (space is limited) by calling 607.438.5113 or emailing