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Live-streamed Studio Demonstration: Jordana Korsen

The Studio
January 16, 2013 11:00am to 12:00pm
Get Hammered by Jordana Korsen (Photo by Charley Frieberg)

Watch Jordana Korsen demonstrate for her class, Next Steps in Glassblowing. This class will focus on the common problems that arise for students when they have been blowing glass for about a year. The class will discuss, and work through, examples of glassmaking process that present challenges. Heat and time are key elements to fixes. Teamwork and clear communication will be utilized as dominant tools in this class. Problems will always arise, but this class focuses on understanding how to effectively deal with, and overcome, these problems.

No registration or fee is required to watch this portion of the class. Connect to our Ustream channel on January 16 to watch.



Jordana Korsen
Jordana Korsen has been working with hot glass for more than 20 years, focusing on functional work with a sculptural touch. As a glassblower, she creates clean forms with a sense of humor. Korsen describes her work as “spontaneous, whimsical and...